Protection for your real estate investment.

real estate

Real Estate deals are complicated for everyone. When things do not work out, lawyers get involved.

As a real estate agent and then broker, I understand these transactions intimately.

I’ve bought houses, sold houses, brokered deals, and represented realtors before the Real Estate Board after deals went bad. Being the agent, the broker, the buyer, and the seller over the past decades gives me insight that other lawyers often lack. Often Buyers need help dealing with “flippers” that cut too many corners. Sellers have to deal with buyers that fail to get a loan because they misled the parties.

Landlords and Tenants often have rocky relationships. Rent needs to get paid and buildings need to be maintained. I’ve experienced both sides, and we have represented both landlords and tenants in numerous tenancy related actions. Evictions. Rent Escrows. Wrongful Detainers. My experience as a landlord and a tenant helps me effectively represent clients, whether managing their properties or trying to keep their home. Commercial Tenants and Commercial Landlords have their own special sets of problems. Allow my experience to help you navigate through those murky waters.

Whatever has gone wrong with the transaction, I can help make things right.

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