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The Sherwood Legal team is proficient in many areas of law, and we have built a reputation for compassionate, effective representation that always considers our clients’ needs first.

In any legal matter, proper representation is crucial in achieving your desired outcome. We’ve helped hundreds of clients resolve their legal issues quickly and easily. Whether you are the victim of an auto accident, a parent working through divorce or custody proceedings, or are facing bankruptcy or criminal charges, we will put our years of experience to work for you.

Personal Injury

Personal Injury Car Accident

Personal Injury cases require care, attention, and dedication to ensure that you recover.

Car Accidents


Slip and Fall

Tractor Trailer Accidents

Animal Injuries

Motorcycle Accidents

Hospitals, doctors, and insurance companies all work hard to keep as much of your accident money as possible. You need representation to get the compensation you deserve.

If you have been injured due to another person’s actions or negligence, it’s more complicated than simply asking for compensation. Insurance companies exist to not pay you. You need a good lawyer to help you get the best deal possible. Experience makes a difference.


DUIs and DWIs can take a toll on your life and finances. Sherwood Legal Services can help get you through this difficult process.

Breathalyzer Tests

Loss of License

Interlock Systems

Points on License


Blood Tests



Criminal Defense

You need a strong partner for criminal defense. When everything is at stake, Sherwood Legal Services puts everything into your case.

Probation Violation

Traffic Tickets

Bail Bonds

Assault / Battery

Jury Trials

Driver’s License Violations

People often have run-ins with the law. You need a lawyer to help manage your exposure and get the best possible result.

I got my first exposure to criminal work as a lawyer while in Law School, working for the Innocence Project, where I used DNA evidence to get innocent people out of jail. I’ve since represented hundreds of clients charged with DUI/DWI, domestic violence, burglary, assault, and other serious crimes. Sherwood Legal Services is ready to stand by your side in your moment of need. Don’t take chances with your criminal defense.


Don’t tackle debt problems alone. We can stop garnishments, foreclosures, and collection calls.

Chapter 7

Chapter 11

Chapter 13

These are trying times, and it is easy to get in over your head financially. We offer solutions without any judgment.

Mistakes happen, and filing for bankruptcy can often offer relief. Entering into bankruptcy should be done carefully, with the guidance of an experienced attorney. If you are considering bankruptcy, our free consultation can help you decide if bankruptcy is the right path for you. Let us help you find the reset button, and put you on the path to prosperity.

Family Law

Take control of your new future.




Sometimes, a partner you had planned your life with isn’t going to be there forever. We offer compassionate support and strong representation to get you through difficult family law matters.

You can find that every detail of your life together is open to the scrutiny of the court. You need an attorney that will help you fight to keep what you have worked for. Your home, your retirement, your business, and every other asset you have worked for could be split up. You need someone that will fight for your assets as if they were their own.

Bringing the custody of children into this highly emotional situation adds to the stresses above. The court will be concerned with what is in the best interests of the child. The parent who can provide a stable, loving home for them during this time of crisis will win out. You also need an attorney that will help you find a path to being able to find common ground, so you can co-parent once again. This firm has helped many families during such difficult times.

Real Estate

Protection for your real estate investment.




Real Estate deals are complicated for everyone. When things do not work out, lawyers get involved.
As a real estate agent and then broker, I understand these transactions intimately.

I’ve bought houses, sold houses, brokered deals, and represented realtors before the Real Estate Board after deals went bad. Being the agent, the broker, the buyer, and the seller over the past decades gives me insight that other lawyers often lack.

Often Buyers need help dealing with “flippers” that cut too many corners. Sellers have to deal with buyers that fail to get a loan because they misled the parties. Landlords and Tenants often have rocky relationships. Rent needs to get paid and buildings need to be maintained. I’ve experienced both sides, and we have represented both landlords and tenants in numerous tenancy related actions. Evictions. Rent Escrows. Wrongful Detainers. My experience as a landlord and a tenant helps me effectively represent clients, whether managing their properties or trying to keep their home. Commercial Tenants and Commercial Landlords have their own special sets of problems. Allow my experience to help you navigate through those murky waters.

The Sherwood Legal Team

Our team brings talent to the table.

Every member of our staff is an expert in their field, dedicated to solving your legal issues.

William E. Sherwood, Esq.

William E. Sherwood, Esq.

Lived in Baltimore most of my life. Grew up in Hampden before it was cool.

I’m a born-and-bred Baltimorean.

I went to Poly and Towson University (for a B.A. in Psychology). During college and prior to law school, I held many different jobs. I eventually wound up as a real estate broker for an independent real estate brokerage. After doing that for a while, I decided to seek a law degree at University of Baltimore. After completing the Juris Doctor, I wanted to complete my education in business. I am currently seeking an MBA degree as well.

For me, lawyering is about community. I don’t work for faceless corporations and megabanks. I work for ordinary people with ordinary problems. My clients don’t try to explain how they destroyed the economy with a reckless computer program. They try to explain why their tenant should have paid his rent by the 15th. They don’t deal in the nuances of insider trading. They try to explain that it wasn’t their weed in the bag in the backseat. They aren’t getting rich off multi-billion dollar government contracts. They’re dealing with the headaches of a failed contract of sale on their house.

Some people think lawyers are wizards or vampires. Strange, dangerous, and inscrutable beasts that drain your money for the possibility of a desired outcome. And I’m not saying that the reputation is not justified.

But that’s not why I went to law school – I went to law school because I saw that my family, friends, and community needed good honest lawyering at a price they could afford. They needed it from a person they could trust. I hope I can fill that need for you.

Ryan K. Nealon, Esq.

Ryan K. Nealon, Esq.

I help our clients navigate the legal system, and get the solutions they are seeking.

A Pennsylvania transplant.

I graduated from Mercyhurst University in 2008 with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. I also graduated from the University of Scranton with a Master of Business Administration.

I was always drawn to the legal field. As I gained experience in contract management, I realized I needed to continue my legal education. I graduated from the University of Baltimore’ School of Law in 2019. I was admitted to the Maryland bar in 2020.

Kevin Finson, Esq., Of Counsel

Kevin Finson, Esq., Of Counsel

Helping Landlords and Tenants Resolve Their Differences.

I earned a Bachelor of Arts in the Liberal Arts from St. John’s College in Annapolis before attending the Thomas M. Cooley Law School, where I graduated magna cum laude with a Juris Doctor in 2014. I was admitted to the Maryland bar that year, to the U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland in 2018, and to the U.S. Supreme Court in 2020. In my role of counsel to Sherwood Legal Services I practice primarily in areas of landlord/tenant law, criminal defense, and as a legal research and drafting consultant for other attorneys. Don’t hesitate to call me with your questions.


Our clients’ words speak for themselves.

We go the distance for each and every one of our clients. It shows in their reviews of our services.

5.0 stars
Posted by Steve
Absolutely positively EXCELLENT! In fact, beyond EXCELLENT downright SUPERB! I had been dealing with my issue on my own for over a year and Bill finalized everything in about 2 1/2 weeks! Highly recommend Bill Sherwood!
5.0 stars
Great Attorney!
Posted by Frank
William Sherwood helped me several times with real estate matters and has also helped several friends and family members I referred him to. He is very competent and always goes the extra mile for his clients.
5.0 stars
Review of William Sherwood
Posted by Walter
Mr. Sherwood has represented me well multiple times in rent court, presenting my cases as though they were his own. I have every faith and trust in Mr. Sherwood’s abilities and competence.
5.0 stars
Great professional to work with.
Posted by Kathy
I have worked with William and he is honest and hardworking we work on a difficult problem and William was on top of all the details and kept me informed.

We can help you just like we helped all of these good people. Call Sherwood Legal Services at 1-877-4-LAWYRS for a free consultation now.